I’ve used this weird year to write a book called The GENTLE MARKETING REVOLUTION.

Usually when we write a book, there’s a reason for it. In this post I’m trying to explain why I felt called to write.

Marketing contributes to a world full of anxiety

I have talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs and 90% of them mention…

Do you want to Do Good AND Get Paid Well?

Do you yearn to prioritize the human connection all while making profits?

Heart-centered business owners are eager to run their businesses and marketing from a place of smart generosity. From abundance, not scarcity. From real, community-changing passion that gets back to the basics of trust, meaning, and purpose.

It is…

Sarah Santacroce

Sarah Santacroce is changing the current marketing paradigm. Find out more about Sarah at http://www.sarahsantacroce.com.

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